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Varieties of Bike Locks.

Docking your bike at one point can be the best term to describe a bike lock.For cases where most of your movements such as going to work, personal recreation or even moving around town rely on your bike, there is need to ensure its security.Once in your lifetime, you may be faced with bike theft or if not you then a friend, bike theft is a common thing and happens to most people all over the world.

As common as bike theft is, it can be avoided easily.Most people have the guts to leave their bikes out without locking them when they are in at their places of work during the day and even at night when they have gone to sleep in their houses.This is a very soft opportunity for the thieves to get away with your bike with less effort leaving your suffering for your carelessness.Another form of carelessness apart from that of leaving the bike outside is that of trying to fool professional thieves with locks that aren’t made for bikes hence they can be cut with less effort and the bike is taken away.

Keeping your bike with you is just a simple thing hence if you value your bike make a choice to suit your situation.

The first favor you can do your bike is buying U-locks and D-locks, these locks can be found in the stores for bike appliances by the look of their shapes.These locks have two parts, a straight edge which is the actual lock alongside a u-shaped which goes around your bike and be crossed by the straight edge.

These locks can be considered as being one of the most secure as thieves cannot use the bolt cutters to damage the locks.Some thieves may tend to lift the bike if it is locked within its frames.

The wheel lock is the second choice in the mission to secure your bike, this lock works by restricting free motion hence the thief cannot easily get away with it.This is actually not a secure lock to prevent thieves who can lift the bike and get away with it.This type of lock has to be very strong or you should have a good get-away plan to prevent a thief from hopping on the bike and easily getting away with it.

The other type of bike locks are the chain and cable locks, these locks cannot be compared to the u-shaped locks for their strength is really low.These types of locks need some additional reinforcement to make sure that your bike is safe.

To conclude the D-locks and U-locks remain to be the strongest lock to secure your bike if properly used.

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